AgenSynd Tools is a dedicated agency and portfolio management platform, a secured data repository and a powerful reporting tool made available exclusively to our clients and fully accessible on-line.

AgenSynd Tools is the evolution from the simple data room model to a global and integrated agency management platform with enhancing value information for the middle office and risk departments.

Main Features

Specialized and user-friendly tool, capable of managing bilateral plain vanilla loans and bond issuances to complex structures (multiple borrowers, mixed of currency and tranches…..)

Designed specifically to support and add value to lenders in structured finance transactions (multi tranche, complex security package, management of maintenance and information covenants

Integrated alerts and warning system to fully monitor covenants, securities, ratios and milestones included in the transactions.

Professional and advanced documentation site.

Front office gets instant balance confirmation.

Downloadable report of the transaction with its key figures and characteristics (contractual structure, outstandings, covenants, securities, ratios, modifications …). A handy tool for any risk analysis.

Management of waivers and novations: notices, implications of the waiver, majority conventions, approvals.

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